Hooks In You - Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying


  1. Jul 22,  · I've been waiting forever for Iron Maiden to re-release their entire catalogue on vinyl and there you have it. No Prayer for the Dying is by far not one of my favorite Iron Maiden records, but I'm giving it a 5 star for the sole reason because it is nevertheless a unique and indispensable album from Maiden's entire discography/5().
  2. With their first album of the '90s, Iron Maiden wanted to return to basics. Comparable to their more straightforward early work, No Prayer for the Dying quickly shot up the charts all over the world, but it was clear that the songwriting wasn't up to snuff when compared to such classics as Killers or Number of the Beast.4/
  3. No Prayer For the Dying Lyrics. Now there's something to bet on You've got nothing to lose When I've sat by the window And gazed at the rain With an ache in my heart But never feeling the pain And if you would tell me Just what my life means Walking a long road Never reaching the end God, give me the answer to my life God.
  4. Hooks in you, hooks in me, hooks in the ceiling For that well hung feeling No big deal, no big sin, strung up on love I Got the hooks screwed in [Chorus] She's tied up she can't come to the phone, You must have got your wires crossed cos she ain't home Knock on wood - you know I like that sound She never could keep her feet on the ground [Chorus].

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