Molly Bond - Peggy Seeger - Bring Me Home


  1. Molly Bond by Peggy Seeger, released 22 January MOLLY BOND words, music: traditional USA If all the girls in London City was placed in a row Molly Bond she would glitter like the moon in the snow. She was going to her uncle's when the shower come on. She sat down under a green tree till the shower pass on. Her lover was a hunting, a-hunting for swan In the forest near the green tree when.
  2. BRING ME HOME Third of the Trilogy 01 Peacock Street 02 Hang Me 03 Wagoner's Lad 04 Napoleon 05 Molly Bond 06 Roving Gambler 07 Newlyn Town 08 Dink's Song 09 Little Birdie 10 Let Them Wear Their Watches Fine 11 O The Wind And Rain 12 Home, Dearie, Home 13 Bring Me Home.
  3. Nov 05,  · Product Description. Another release by folk legen and member of the famed Seeger clan, BRING ME HOME concludes the trilogy of Cds of traditional folk songs recorded in England with her two sons and daughter (her children with the late and great Scottish folk legend Ewan MacColl) - the first two parts of the trilogy being HEADING FOR HOME and LOVE CALL ME HOME.5/5(1).
  4. What makes Bring Me Home more fascinating than the average traditional album is that Seeger and a few other musicians proceed with relaxed confidence: they easily fall into the moment, allowing each song to unfold naturally. This easy-flowing confidence makes Bring Me Home easy to like.7/
  5. Bring Me Home by Peggy Seeger, released 22 January 1. Peacock Street 2. Hang Me 3. Wagoner's Lad 4. Napoleon 5. Molly Bond 6. Roving Gambler 7. Newlyn Town 8. Dink's Song 9. Little Birdie Let Them Wear Their Watches Fine O The Wind And The Rain Home, Dearie, Home Bring Me Home.
  6. TRACK 5 - MOLLY BOND. words, music: traditional USA Peggy Seeger, Cary Fridley, John Herrman, Rosemary Lackey, Vollie McKenzie Bring me home, bring me home You always bring me home. Peggy writes about this song: Its first draft saw the light at a songwriter's session. which I was teaching. Everyone had to write, overnight, a personal song.
  7. 7 hours ago · In fact, Seeger's style and choice of material has changed very little since the s (and she has always clung tighter to strict tradition than her half-brother Pete Seeger). The arrangements are very simple on Bring Me Home, acoustic guitars, banjos, and harmonium, allowing Seeger.

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