1. Scottish sound artist, born in Glasgow in but now living in Edinburgh. He has been recording since around His recorded material can be described as resonant, textural layers of digital material, drones and processed field recordings.
  2. Prelapsarian by Brian Lavelle, released 25 June 1. Prelapsarian A meditation on the lumbering, sneering bulk of Time; and on forgotten places, occluded spaces, in days past I choose to recall as more innocent. 'After the kingfisher's wing Has answered light to light, and is silent, the light is still At the still point of the turning world.'.
  3. You are shopping for a used car. You spot a car in the used car lot that is just the type of car you are looking for. You sit inside the car and notice a strong odor. You decide to test drive the car anyway. You notice that the smell fades as you drive the car. The diminishing smell is an example of _____.
  4. I swam until the afternoon had gone, and later, having rested, walked into the little town. Darkness hid the sea from me as I entered, and I found in the dingy lights of the streets tokens of a life which was not even conscious of the great, gloom-shrouded thing lying so close.
  5. Seemingly endless steeps (as usual, I lost count) that turned creamy and invigorating, but always with a density of full-bodiedness and woodiness that was really pleasant and has left me wide-eyed. Not technically puer, of course, because the maocha comes from Myanmar—except that it is in all but name.
  6. Jun 01,  · This a noise coming from the engine bay when I first start up the car (when it sits for an extended time) and put it reverse. In neutral it sounds good. When I put it into drive I hear it as well (but not .
  7. The Unfamiliar Name 5. 'Pataphysics/Fanfare Originally released on cassette by US label Freedom From in December , this 30 minute album features some noisier work from me, as well as some more unusual pieces I'd long forgotten: the concrète-inspired guitar-collage of 'Akogare' and the whimsically melodic curio that is 'The Unfamiliar Name'.

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