1. Immanuel Rebellion, Against God Rebellion Against God, Nature Of God With You Rebellion against God "Only do not rebel against the LORD; and do not fear the people of .
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  4. Heresy that maintains Christ is one divine Person with one divine nature, his divine nature having subsumed his human nature. Monophysitism Heresy that teaches Christ is a union of two persons in one divine nature.
  5. Man’s rebellion against God, that is, his falling away, is known as The Fall. The result of sin is death (Genesis ; Romans ). Death in this biblical context refers to spiritual death, and according to most interpretations—physical death as well. The result of .
  6. ◄ Genesis ►. The narrative, however, is opposed to this view of man's nature. For the change, by which the woman comes into existence, is directly ascribed to the original Maker. A part of the man is taken for the purpose, which can be spared without interfering with the integrity of his nature.
  7. Matthew Further, the world's churches are in constant rebellion against God, refusing to keep His commandments and rejecting the absolute authority of His words. The world's ministers even pervert the Word of God with infusions from such pagan religions as Buddhism, Hinduism, or other mystic .
  8. The Substance Of Man's Sinful Rebellion. II. V. THE SYMBOL OF MAN'S SINFUL REBELLION (Ill. Because man has chosen his sin over God, man is given over, v. 26, to vile affections. The depths to which man can sink are represented here. These next 2 verses describe the absolute bottom of .

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